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TuftScope Fall 2009 Review [Expanded and Updated]

Note: This is an updated version of the official TuftScope Fall 2009 Review published at

Fall 2009 issue marks the the eighth year of TuftScope publication. Much has changed since the journal was first begun in 2001 as an academic forum for biosocial discussion and debate. The growth of the internet and the decline of print as a medium have drastically changed the way that information is displayed and shared. TuftScope can no longer expect to stay current with only a biannual print publication. This Editors Desk details the current changes implemented by the journal staff to accommodate a new publication strategy:

Social Media and Rapid Analysis

Using Twitter, Facebook, and our Health Weblog the TuftScope staff have provided rapid commentary on recent healthcare developments and trends. The new Inside the Scope newsletter offers a monthly summary of health news, analysis and links for readers.

The Print Edition

In Fall 2009 TuftScope switched to Puritan Press as the official publisher for the journal. Puritan Press has a long standing relationship with Tufts University and is the publisher of many Tufts publications, including The Tufts Historical Review and the Tufts Roundtable Journal of Political Discourse. In addition, TuftScope completed the redesign of its interior layout. We hope that our new layout, font types, and style will make the journal even more accessible and appealing to readers both online and in print.

TuftScope Online

Through the significant efforts of Internet Editor Mark "Max" Leiserson, TuftScope launched a new online portal in December 2009 at The new website serves as both a doorway to TuftScope publications and media and as a part of the online publication strategy.

The website includes:

- Article Reprints: Each issue from the fifth volume of TuftScope to the present includes PDF article reprints of articles and drop-down abstracts.

- Online Articles: Readers can access online only and pre-print articles, commentaries, and news from the journal.

- Automatic Submissions System: Authors will be able to register with TuftScope, upload submissions, and track their submissions online. The review process will be accelerated by an online review system that will simplify the logistics of the review process.

Future Developments
In Spring 2009 the journal staff plans to release several new projects:

- Print Edition Graphics: For the first time in eight years, TuftScope will included print edition images and graphics in its Fall and Spring issues.

- Online Transitions: Some articles will be shortened in print and published in full online. This will allow for readers to continue to learn more about issues that interest them and allow for optimal utilization of our limited print space.

- Website Updates: We will continue to update and refine the website to allow for maximum usability and access, including the introduction of electronic tables of contents for issues and other features.

Michael Shusterman is the Editor in Chief of TuftScope (2009 - 2010).
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