Thursday, January 14, 2010

Compilation: Interesting Articles

1. Stem Cells and China: The Economist looks at the 'Wild East' of stem cell science in China. Unfettered studies into stem cells have resulted in potential for fraud and improper treatments for patients. Yet significant developments are possible if regulation and adequate clinical trials and experiments are performed.

2. Viral Fossils: Viruses have incorporated themselves into human and mammalian DNA over the course of evolution. Now scientists are beginning to unravel the mysteries of these viral fossils in DNA and study them more extensively.  

3. Evolving Y Chromosome: The male Y chromosome, once believed to be slowly disintegrating, has shed many of its original X chromosome homologous genes and has evolved at a rapid rate to stabilize itself. The analysis was based on comparisons between human and chimpanzee DNA in a Nature Journal study.

4. Medical Technology in Denmark: Denmark has taken major steps to incorporate electronic medical records and health information technologies (HIT) like telemedicine into its healthcare system. Electronic prescriptions and personal devices for recording personal medical data (pulse, lung volume) are available to patients. Denmark's homogeneous population and cultural standards have made HIT easier to implement than in the United States, which has variable state laws and privacy issues.

5. End of Life Conversations: When is the right time for physicians and patients to hold conversations about end of life issues? Many physicians, according to a recent study, are not willing to discuss end of life issues like hospice care, intubation, and additional treatments a year or more before the potential onset of terminal symptoms. Potentially younger generations of physicians who are exposed to increased end of life training in medical schools may be more willing to discuss these issues.

Michael Shusterman is the co-Editor in Chief of TuftScope (2009 - 2010).
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