Saturday, November 5, 2011

News Brief: Nonprofit's Novel Approach to Food Education

Parsa Shabodaghi

Two former public school teachers founded FoodFight, a program that was designed to change adolescents’ paradigm on food. The goal of the program is to not only teach the political and socioeconomic aspects behind food production, but also teach children on how to live healthy, nutritious lifestyles.

One lesson involved teaching the children when an ad (such as one for a McDonald’s fish sandwich) was being targeted to their demographic. Another involved learning how the food industry lobbyists try to influence federal dietary recommendations.

Another aspect of the program involved teaches students how to read food labels and prepare nutritious and affordable meals.

The program has had a monumental impact on the behavior of some students. One individual switched from a sweetened drink to one without calories. Another person changed his portion sizes and has since lost ten pounds.

Institutionalizing programs like FoodFight may be key in turning the tides of the obesity epidemic.

Reference: Wallace, Hannah. "In High Schools, a Critical Lens on Food." The New York Times. Web. Oct 27 2011.
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