Monday, October 15, 2012

New Emergency Medicine Programs to Enhance Quality of Life

Submitted by Kelsey Davenport

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty in which physicians provide short-term care to individuals requiring immediate medical attention.  The goal of the emergency practitioner is to stabilize a patient with acute trauma and prepare him or her for definitive care.   Emergency medicine is a strenuous field and programs are rare across the world.  That is why it is such an accomplishment for the United Arab Emirates to have established their first emergency medicine professional association, along with a trauma registry in Abu Dhabi.  These advancements will help to spread awareness about emergency medicine and attract newcomers to specialize in the field.  Fifty emergency medicine specialists are expected to graduate in the upcoming year, and numbers should only go up as the field gains more attention. 

            Progress in Abu Dhabi will hopefully influence the creation of additional emergency programs such as programs to train emergency department nurses and any other staff members who could work in critical care departments.  These advancements make Abu Dhabi a leader in the field, especially in the Middle East.  There is an ever present need for emergency medicine specialists, but the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) is taking leaps and bounds in securing themselves a strong future in emergency medicine.  As the number of physicians trained in emergency medicine specialties increase, the quality of medical services in their area should only continue to improve.

Zaman, Samihah. "New Association to Enhance Emergency Medicine." Gulf News 14 Oct 2012, n. pag. Web. 14 Oct. 2012. .
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