Friday, December 6, 2013

Could Hops Help Fight Cancer?

News Brief by Enshu Chawla

A new treatment for cancer has undergone research at Oregon State University. Xanthohumol, a chemical compound that is found in hops used for beer brewing, has been shown to affect phase 1 enzymes related to pro-carcinogens. Additionally, enzymes of phase 2 of cancer help to detoxify carcinogens in the presence of Xanthohumol. Despite its lack of flavor, the chemical compound, which can be found in Europe as a supplement, has also demonstrated its ability to lessen hot flashes for women who have used it. Dr. Fred Stevens, one of the scientists who found the positive effects of Xanthohumol on cancer, continues to research other potential uses for hops. Weight loss has been seen in animals, and obesity and type 2 diabetes could also be related to hops, according to Stevens. Xanthohumol content in beer is not high enough for the researched effects to occur. 

Gatton, D. D. (2013, November 18). Could hops help fight cancer?. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from
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