Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Class of Antibiotics Can Treat Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

News Brief by Lucia Joseph

The IndiaTimes recently reported on a new class of antibiotics called spectinamides. These semi-synthetic compounds treat drug resistant tuberculosis (TB). The study showed that spectinamides, especially analog 1599, were just as good or even better than the current treatment options for TB at removing bacteria from the lungs of mice. Researchers created these new semi-synthetic antibiotics by modifying an existing natural antibiotic called spectinomycin which is not effective in treating TB. The drug works by disrupting ribosome function in bacterial cells. Specifically, once bound to the ribosome, the antibiotic prevents the TB cells from performing efflux. Efflux is a protective mechanism whereby the cell pumps out potential drugs / toxins before they can cause any damage. Spectinamides are also safe to use in conjunction with other TB treatments.

PTI. (2014, January 28). New class of antibiotics can treat drug-resistant tuberculosis. The Economic Times. Retrieved February 5, 2014, from
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