Monday, April 21, 2014

Arthritis Supplement Extends Lifespan, Study Shows

News Brief by Ming Lin

A recent study from ETH Zurich and other research centers in Germany has shown that a supplement called glucosamine increased the lifespan of mice by up to ten percent. The supplement was added to the mice's diet, and was later shown to have preventive effects for diabetes. Glucosamine is a drug used to treat arthritis, but other studies have shown it can also impede cancer cell growth and sugar metabolism. Furthermore, the supplement helps break down amino acids for energy when there is a low supply of carbohydrates. Glucosamine, in review, appears to have positive effects on metabolism, which may contribute to increased lifespans in individuals.

S, J. (2014, April 9). Arthritis Supplement Extends Life by up to 10 Percent.Headlines Global News RSS. Retrieved April 14, 2014, from

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