Friday, November 21, 2014

Do Spinal Cord Injuries Cause Subsequent Brain Damage?

News Brief by Shudee Wu

Researchers at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine recently have found information that connects spinal cord injuries to serious brain inflammation that can cause loss of nerve cells, while also being a factor in certain psychological disorders. The research, and the published articles describing it also mentions future treatments that could help prevent some of the more serious brain injuries.

Anesthesiology professor and neurobiologist Alan Faden MD, who teaches at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and headed the study described studies done on animals that showed connections between spinal injuries and damage in brain tissue as well as decline in cognitive function. Doctor Faden also stated that certain mechanisms that cause such changes in the brain have been established, and in doing so, researchers have identified possible drug treatments that can help prevent brain damage following spinal cord injuries.

Although the research is still developing, the advancements made thus far can be considered substantial as they have now shown clear links between injuries to the spinal cord and reduced brain function. Researchers are hopeful that further studies can lead to the way to more improved treatment options, and perhaps even prevent any negative effects of spinal cord injuries.

University of Maryland School of Medicine. "Do spinal cord injuries cause subsequent brain damage?." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 14 November 2014. .

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