Tuesday, January 13, 2015

From the Editors' Desk...

We are happy to announce our website is up and running once again! We apologize for our hiatus and inactivity on the web. While we are still working on improving our site, we encourage you to reach out to us for any help in navigating the site, or any inconveniences you experience.  

While we were away, we certainly were not inactive. Here's what you missed while we were away:

-In the spring of 2013, we were awarded with the Tufts University Synergy Award for our Winter 2013 special issue, in which with worked with EPIIC and the Institute for Global Leadership. We built on our success with a subsequent collaboration with the One Health Initiative and the Pre-Health Collaborative for the Spring 2014 issue merited a second nomination.

-Throughout the spring of 2014, we also worked with the Tufts University Emergency Medical Services in their panel discussing emergency care during the Boston Marathon bombings.

Our Fall 2014 issue has just been published, and we encourage you to read through it and participate in our online discussion. Follow us on Facebook to get updates on our work. Outside submissions will be due March 1 for our Spring 2015 issue.

Thank you for your readership!


Prachi Sharma & Joseph St. Pierre

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