Monday, November 26, 2012

Talking Machine Reminds You To Take Meds

News Brief by Kelsey Davenport

A new advancement in medical technology just made life a whole lot easier for forgetful seniors.  The Philips Medication Dispenser is the newest in a line of gadgetry aimed at the elderly.  It monitors the sick outside of the hospital and gives them reminders to take their medication.  It is different than an alarm clock because it also prepares the medication for the patient, and does not stop ringing until the medication has been taken.  Some of these features may seem irritating, but for many of the country’s seniors, forgetting to take medication can be a matter of life and death.  Reports estimate that skipping doses is responsible for up to 120,000 U.S. deaths and racks up medical costs of 300 billion dollars a year.  This costly problem causes trouble that can be easily avoided.  Now, the Philips Medication Dispenser presents an easy solution.  Caregivers and patients both agree that the machine allows for more independence in the home and prevents return visits to the hospital.  Although the Philips Medication Dispenser is expensive to buy, many healthcare facilities are allowing their patients to rent them out for much lower costs.

The goal of this machine is to make seniors self-sufficient and to lower costs of health insurance.  Any device that lowers costs and keeps the country’s elderly out of the hospital is beneficial and should be supported.

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