Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Can Outgrow or Recover From Autism?

News Brief by Enshu Chawla

Researchers at the University of Connecticut have discovered that it is possible for a child to outgrow autism. Some children who were diagnosed with autism are being found to have recovered from the disorder, though there is a chance that some of these individuals may have been misdiagnosed at an early age as the number of autism diagnoses has been increasing. In one study, 18% of the toddlers that were screened no longer were considered to be autistic by the age of 4. Still, there currently is not a method to determine which group of individuals will outgrow or recover from autism. Some believe that the recovery could be attributed to proper therapy along with biological and genetic factors. Dr. Deborah Fein, one of the researchers at the University of Connecticut, is looking to see what can lead to what is known as the "optimal outcome," as she believes that many of the children diagnosed with autism can reach this end goal. However, it has been noted by Dr. Fred Volkmar of the Yale University School of Medicine that some individuals who do not meet the criteria for the disorder, and have therefore "recovered," may still show behaviors which could be considered abnormal. In one example, an individual is said to have recovered from autism but as an adult eats the same meal every night, goes through the exact same routine, and shows awkwardness in some social settings.

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